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Science Fiction Adventure at the Edge of a Universe at War!

The Life Sticks science fiction adventures bring a completely alien culture, a convincingly original alien race, and an intense series of surprising plot twists to the reader through the eyes of a young adult coming of age at the edge of a Galactic War.

Don’t just join the Clan… OWN the Clan!

The story of Razz the clan-less is triumphant, exultant, and redeeming. Once you enter his world, you will never be the same again. In this pilot episode of the Life Sticks Short Stories, a young outcast from a primitive race fights for his place in the clans of his home forest. But unbeknownst to him, the humans from a distant star have made a deal with his clan lord that will forever change his destiny.


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"This is a great little sci fi book that displays a lot of imaginative ideas. It's a short read... I would definitely recommend the book. It's a great story with an amazing author." - Sarah Sternby

"I loved this book. It's a short easy read that will leave you wanting more. Joel Babbitt is very creative and talented. I highly recommend this book!"

- Betsy

"At only 54 pages long, it contains elements of a much larger novel, with plenty of action, intrigue and betrayals to keep the pace steady. Even though a novella in the first of a series, author Joel does a great job of laying the foundation for following books. Open-ended, but not disappointing. The reader will find themself hooked, and wanting more."

- Terry

Don't just join the clan... own the clan!

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Art of Camallay


Corporate rivalries play out on a distant world, where accounts are settled in blood, and where the real heroes are those who are still in business when the dust settles.

In this fast-paced scifi adventure novel, Colonel Alexander and his dedicated crew of corporate mercenaries come to the remote colony world of Camallay to find out who sank their employer’s cargo ship—and the millions of credits of military vehicles and weapons it carried.

Almost immediately their mission changes from an investigation to a desperate battle for survival against the relentless attacks of a well-funded quasi-state enemy—and the dinosaur-infested world itself—as all of Marik’s Marauders strive to discover their illusive enemy and put down the evil that has been festering for far too long on Camallay.

Note:  Lustrious (Book 2) is nearing completion.